When you are managing a startup, building the product is only one item on a long list of responsibilities. You also have to market your product, meet/entertain investors as well as take care of the day to day running of your business.

This is where outsourcing software development comes in. This allows you to focus on growing your business, while also increasing your speed to market. You can put your product in professional, trustworthy hands, while you take care of running your business. Many startup founders agree it is the first step to helping your business take off.

Freeing up your time is only one of the reasons to outsource. To help you evaluate this as an option we have put together a list of the top reasons you should consider outsourcing for your next development project.

Cost savings

Outsourcing can significantly cut down your overhead costs while still delivering a strong, well-developed product.

By outsourcing development, you can reduce costs by up to 75% when compared to an in-house team of developers. This saving can help grow your business by allowing you to reallocate money in other areas like ad spend and marketing.

Faster to market

The tech industry moves fast, so the faster you can get your product to market, the better- before someone else with a similar idea beats you to it.

It can be tempting to build your product yourself. After all, it is your project, your baby, your vision. But by outsourcing development, you can focus your time on more important areas like building your business and marketing your product. This could potentially be the advantage you need over competitors.

Latest technologies

Any quality outsourcing company should be up to date with all the latest technologies. They will know the latest languages, frameworks, and development tools. Having this wide spectrum of knowledge they will be able to recommend the best solution for your project.

Don’t make the mistake of spending money on unnecessary software or training. Instead, work with a team that already has the tools, resources, and knowledge on-hand. This will reduce your startup costs and overhead.

Professional service

We all have horror stories of outsourcing development, companies that promise the world then deliver poorly built, untested code and then worst of all vanish on you without a word.

However, today’s outsourcing partners are professional companies, built on reputations. They don’t see themselves as hired help, or an extra pair of hands, but for all intents and purposes a business partner. They will want you to succeed because they understand a successful product can lead to a long and beautiful relationship, which is financially beneficial for both parties.

Experienced developers

Outsourcing companies, to stay profitable, need to build things fast and correctly because going back to fix sloppy code eats into profits (not to mention damages their reputation). To do this, outsourcing companies staff themselves with the most experienced developers on the market.

You will also find the team has worked on multiple startups and they will understand what works and what doesn’t. Although each startup is different, you will find experienced partners can make recommendations specific to your needs.

Managed team

When you hire in-house developers, you need managers to hold them accountable and on track. With outsourced teams, you will find managers come as part and parcel of conducting business with them. After all, it is the company’s reputation on the line.

You will still need in-house management to steer the project in the right direction, but for day-to-day tasks, outsourced teams have their own managers and who have experience working with each other. This is why finding a partner you can trust is important.

Having one point of contact on the outsourced team makes it much easier to track progress without having to ask several people for updates leaving you able to focus on the overall direction.

Ongoing support

These days software is not just coded once and you are done, it needs constant evolution of features as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

The same is true of outsourced software. Your final product will need someone to add new features and fix bugs. This is why it is important you find an outsourcing partner who is invested in the product as much as you are because after all, who better to add these new features than the team who developed it in the first place. Any reputable team would love the opportunity to continue working on a product they helped build and see it succeed.

Meevo is a digital marketing and development agency based in Toronto. We specialize in partnering with startups, design firms and agencies with strong creative, but limited executional resources.

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