Live chat allows visitors to your website to interact in real-time with a representative from your company. It’s an easy way for you to provide immediate customer support, answer customer questions and guide customers through the sales process.

Top 7 benefits of adding live chat to your website

There are multiple benefits to using live chat on your website, here are just a few of them.

Increases conversions and sales

Because you are able to answer any objections or concerns immediately, live chat helps to increase conversions and sales since the customer stays engaged rather than losing interest while waiting for a reply.

Provides a competitive advantage to your company

Adding live chat to your site can be the element that makes the difference in today’s competitive world. Studies show customers who use live chat functionality are three times more likely to purchase products or services than customers who don’t use the chat function.

Reduces live errors

There are always times when technical problems can occur on a website, however, a live chat system typically operates independently from the rest of the site. This allows the customer to instantly contact a member of your team to make them aware of the potential issue or error which was keeping them from making their purchase.

Improves customer satisfaction

According to an ATG Global Consumer Trend study nearly 90 percent of customers find live chat useful. When customers see that there is a live chat available, it becomes an additional reason for them to trust your business. This small addition to your site gives users a sense of confidence as a real human is there to help with any problems and concerns they may have.

Increases efficiencies and lowers costs

By implementing live chat you can increase customer service efficiencies and lower customer service costs. The cost per transaction with live chat is significantly lower than the cost of other communication methods, such as a call center or managing a social media community. In addition, with live chat, one customer service representative can interact with multiple customers simultaneously while still offering “one on one” service. This will decrease your staffing needs and improves efficiency dramatically.

Helps optimize interactions with website visitors and customers

The majority of live chat services offer analytics on the customers you interacted with, such as demographics, pages the customers visited and how much time they spend on each page. You can use this data to better know your target audience.

You can also keep track of the recurring questions and issues experienced by your customers. This allows you to improve the way you interact with them and to find new ways to optimize your website.

Boosts your brand image

77% of the people who buy online want to get in touch with a real person before purchasing, and half of them say that the lack of interaction with a member of the company has caused them to stop buying the product. This means that by offering live chat you can give yourself an advantage over your competitors.

In conclusion, live chat can be a valuable asset in optimizing your business and maximizing sales, especially in a very competitive market. If you want to distinguish your business within your industry and offer an improved, personalized, real-time service for customers, integrating live chat into your website is a great place to start.

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