We have put together a list of the top 10 things you didn’t know Google can do. Hopefully, you’ll learn a few tips and tricks that will make your life easier, or at least keep you entertained.

Tip calculator

Next time you need to work out what tip you have to pay at a restaurant, use Google’s tip calculator. It also splits the tip and the bill among those paying, which can be really useful.

To activate, search for: tip calculator

Google like it’s 1998

Take a step back in time and Google in 90’s nostalgia by reverting the site back to how it originally looked in 1998.

To activate, search for: google in 1998

Time conversion

Quickly work out what the time is anywhere in the world, simply ask Google and you will get the result with daylight saving already calculated.

To activate, search for: time in (location)

Atari Breakout

A great tip if you are looking to waste a few minutes at work. Play Atari’s classic game Breakout directly in the Google image search results page.

To activate, search for (while searching images): atari breakout

Currency conversion

Quickly work out what you are paying for that online transaction by converting it into Canadain dollars (or your currency of choice). You also get a useful graph of how your currency is performing by the day.

To activate, search for: “20 USD in CAD”

Set a timer

Use Google to remind yourself not to burn that pizza with the search engines built-in timer. Google will even sound the alarm when the time is up.

To activate, search for: set a timer to (number) minutes and (number) seconds

Internet speed search

Feeling like your internet is running slow? Google can run a diagnostic on your internet speed and let you know the upload and download speed at that exact moment.

To activate, search for: internet speed test

Coin flip

In a cashless society, we struggle with making decisions without a coin to flip. Luckily, Google has thought of that and has a virtual coin to help with life’s tricky decisions.

To activate, search for: flip a coin

Translate words or phrases

Google is available in over 100 languages, which makes them perfect for helping you with any on the fly translations you might need.

To activate, search for: translate (word) into (language)

StarCraft homage

Google pays homage to StarCraft by letting you activate a tactic employed by Zerg players in the 1998 strategy game. Frantically click on a surge of little Google O’s as they attempt to eat your page.

To activate, search for: zerg rush

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